Pop Poll Award @ RTHK

Hi all, just had rehearsal with Gem for this event. We always wanted to jam with her, she is a heavy weight vocalist indeed.
She is professional and has a very easy going attitude, and she is only 17 !!! wow.

anyway, looking forward to the show and hopefully more collaboration with her in the near future .

Band leader

We just got shit from boss about our productivity and procrastination. I m talkin about real shit here, I've never seen Mark soo mad on us. As bandleader of RB, I feel I should take most responsibility.... Coz I havnt been doing my job properly. Being a leader is a difficult task. One has to be unbiased , observant, patient and have high EQ. I do have alot to learn. In a way , I do appreciate what Mark did coz he woke me up, the world don't wait for losers , timing is important !

Anyway, I will make changes and you all will see and hear a better RB ! I promise!