Year of the Tiger with WabaBan

whew...all these award events are almost over , and congratz to Mr. and RB. we both had a great 2009.

i m sure 2010 will be even more exciting and challenging for all of us. Mr. will have their 1st concert at the, that's really amazing . We hereby sincerely wish their concert(s) to be a great success. Wouldn't it be great if there is another RB x MR concert later on this year?

So, we are back in our own little private corner , bashing our heads on the wall, chewing up our keyboards and pencils, trying to bang out more quality music for you. We would try to define " RB sound " more. what is our character? what is our tone? or what is our individual voice? sounds deep, but if we want more success, we need to find out what lies truly within ourselves.

i feel 2010 will be an important year for RubberBand. i feel the stuff we do and write this year will either make us or break us.....just my 6th ( treat this as bullshit if sounding too scary ). There are " 5 ups " we can follow if we are to achieve our goals in 2010.

• hurry up

• cheer up

• don't give up

• make up ( i dun mean cosmetics, i m referring to the courage to admit one's wrong and apologize! )

• don't 9 up ( no more empty promises. Just do it )

Wishing RB a glorious year of the Tiger ..and KICK SOME SERIOUS ASS !

rock n roll pop n soul, let's funk it up !