Trey Lee

當藝琛仲喺台上個洞穴彈琴時,我地已經捉住蜚聲國際嘅大提琴家李垂誼(Trey Lee)同埋九大恆星其中兩粒合照喇!! (攝於古巨基Eye Fever 09 現唱會後台) wahahaha!

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chiseenjai 說...

hi guys, i have known you guys for a while but never intend to get a CD.

yesterday, just listen to a song from your band and i think it's incredible!

today, finally, i get a CD from the shop and i think it is worth to keep this CD on my CD rack!!

just hope you guys get more success in future!!!!!!


RubberBand 說...


thanks so much for your kind words and support.
we are working hard to bring you more good stuff in the very near future, pls stay tuned.