another gorgeous skyline

took this foto on the way to moooon studio.

hope u like it.

swine flu is getting pretty serious here, we should all take good precautions and uphold our personal hygiene. i m gonna start wearing masks at crowded places....better be safe than sorry.

RB is really finalizing our coming EP......this could very well be our last one!?! who knows.....but in any case, we do treat it as our final ....that's why we absolutely put our 110% into making this album worthwhile for YOU and for ourselves. Each album is a milestone for us.


keep staying tuned !

peace & luv

4 留言:

magggieeeee 說...

oh~nice pic! ^.^

"add-oil" clem + RB Bros. looking fwd to your upcoming EP!

匿名 說...

it's good to treat each album the first (or the very last one) in order to maintain the excitement and enthusiasm. but we definitely want more in the future. never give up but only keep it up! @_@

Karen 說...

It would never be the last one, Clement. I'm really looking forward to your new EP.
It doesn't matter how long you take to make this album. I'm sure it's worthwhile. You see how often the western musicians release their album? They never have more than 1 album per year. Good stuff takes time.
Enjoy every minute! Cheers

海倫 說...

Longing for your new album with high expectation!!

I like the photo so much..... full of hope and feeling so calm~~